Filling, Capping with Nitrogen Flushing Machine

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Filling, Capping with Nitrogen Flushing Machine

Description :
This machine is suitable for the container which has the product filling with nitrogen flushing. After filling, nitrogen flushing arrangement in this machine and after nitrogen flushing, in short time outer cap screwing in same machine


• Fully automatic filling, nitrogen flushing and outer capping system in same machine.
• Branded makes pneumatic components.
• Branded makes AC variable drives and electrical motor.
• Variable speed for screwing cap on container neck.
Technical specification
• Output – 20 to 40 bottle per minute.
• Power – 1 hp 3 phase in main motor and 0.25 hp in capping head.
• Bottle dia – 22 mm to 70 mm.
• Fill size – 1 ml to 200 ml with the help of different size of paristatelic pump.
• Accuracy - + / - 1% on single dose.