Shrink Sleeve Applicator

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Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Production Capacity:
60 To 180 bottles per Minute

Machine Features:
  • Automatic operations of sleeve cutting& inserting
  • Easy serviceable
  • Less weight and sturdy
  • Acrylic covers from all sides
  • Shrink tunnel for shrink sleeving the container

  • Structure of SS material
  • Feed screw for feeding the containers
  • Imported AC frequency variable drive make with constant torque
  • PLC will be of standard make
  • Electrical hardware’s for the Panel
  • Motor for sleeve pusher unit
  • Sensor for sensing the Product

  • Containers & Sleeves should be of proper quality
  • Material to be used for shrink OPS, PET & PVC
  • Length of Sleeve: 30mm to 200mm
  • Lay flat Width: 40mm to 170mm
  • Electric Supply: 415V +/- 10%, 50Hz, 3 Phase neutral & Earth
Working of the Machine:

Changed parts will be used to change the machine according to the required container

The containers will be loaded on the conveyor manually and it will be fed to the sleeve applicator machine with the help of feed screw.
As soon as the containers comes, the sensor senses it, the servo motor combination starts operating and after the cutter cuts the sleeve of required length through sleeve pusher unit, and then the containers will be out with the applied sleeves.
Further the containers with applied sleeves will pass through the shrink tunnel for shrinking.