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Stirrer / Homoginizer


“GMP’S” Homogenizer is built on heavy structure stand to minimize vibration, consist of stand, motor, shaft, stator & rotor. Homogenization technology is based on the use of pressure on liquids to subdivide particles or droplets present in fluids into the very smallest sizes (submicron) and create a stable dispersion ideal for further processing. This equipment produces very high pressure through a specially designed stator & rotor and homogenizes liquids. The head is made out of stainless steel with a telescopic stand.


A homogenizer is a single acting stator & rotor, able to create the pressure used to micronized various products. Homogenizers can apply dynamic pressure under continuous flow conditions, processing fluids like emulsions and dispersions for a large variety of applications, viscosities and physical properties. GMP homogenizers are available in a wide range of high pressure and low pressure models providing throughputs at continuous working pressures. Custom engineered solutions and special versions for specific applications are available across the range, and a wide selection of options helps to define machine features which fit exactly into customer and process requirements for any industry application.

Salient Feature:
• 1H.P. to 10H.P.
• Built on Fix or telescopic stand or available with tank/vessels.
• cGMP design
• Low or High RPM also available with variable speed.
• Sleek and Sturdy design
• Low noise
• Smooth start and stop
• Higher speed range & constant torque with precise speed control
• Overload safety cut off
• Maintenance and spark free AC induction motor
• Digital speed display
• Vertical positioning gear system for smooth and vibration free movement of the stirrer assembly for height adjustment
Technical Specification:

AC Motor Rating in HP


Speed Range in RPM


Capacity in Litres ( Water )


Electric Supply

230 V, 50 HZ, Single Phase

Stirring shaft diameter

12 mm

Stirring shaft length

550 mm

Overload Protection

Automatic cut off with manual restart

Motor Protection Class

IP 44

Homogenizer / Emulsifier (GMP) With Telescopic Stand



3 H.P., 440 V, 1440 RPM, 50 Hz.

400 Ltrs.

5 H.P., 440 V, 1440 RPM, 50 Hz.

600 Ltrs.

7.5 H.P., 440 V, 1440 RPM, 50 Hz.

1000 Ltrs.

10 H.P., 440 V, 1440 RPM, 50 Hz.

1500 Ltrs.

Industrial Stirrer (GMP Model) with Telescopic Stand


Shaft Length


1 HP,440 V, 1440 RPM,50 Hz

100 C.M.

500 Ltrs.

2 HP,440 V, 1440 RPM,50 Hz

120 C.M.

1000 Ltrs.

3 HP,440 V, 1440 RPM,50 Hz

150 C.M.

1500 Ltrs.

5 HP,440 V, 1440 RPM,50 Hz

180 C.M.

2000 Ltrs.