Tablet De-Dusting Machine

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Tablet De-Dusting Machine



• Highest possible effective de-dusting & de-burring of the tablets by means of vibratory effect.
• Discharged tablets from the Tablet Press are entered to the top of the Tablet De-Dusting Machine and finally passed through elegantly designed perforated spiral which gently vibrated to release the layer of surface dust & remove the edges.
• Geometrically designed tablet conveying route to ensure easy removal of dust & burrs.
• All contact parts are easily accessible for washing.
• Compliance with cGMP standards with all products contact parts made of SS 316.
• Unique design for de-dusting & de-burring of tablets.
• Easy to Install, noiseless & maintenance free unit.
• Less electric power consumption compare to other units of its kind.
• Adjustable height facility to suit with any Tablet Presses.
• More efficient De-dusting results can achieve by connecting the separate Dust Extractor with the machine.
• Compatible with all type of Tablet Presses and Dust Extractors.
• Castor wheels for free mobility
• Brushing Unit attachment – Optional
Technical Specifications:

Output (for 8mm tablet)*

5,000 to 2,70,000 tablet / Hour

Electric Motor

0.25 HP. / 1440 RPM / 3 Phase

Max. Tablet Diameter

25 mm (40mm on Demand)

Min. Tablet Diameter

5 mm

Net Weight

70 kg

* Depending upon tablet shape & size.

Tablet De-Dusting Machine – Elevating Type


• Tablet movement is in upward direction – Bottom to Top.
• De-dusting of tablets through upward direction & compressed air.
• Machine can be attached with Tablet Press for De-Dusting of the Tablets & Elevating of the same for further connection to the Metal Detector.

• It works on the principle of vibration, which causes elevating type movement of the Tablets.
• All Contact Parts are made of SS 316.
• The stand is made from stainless steel which height is adjustable to connect with various Tablet Press Machines.
Technical Specifications:
MODEL Elevating Type
Max. Tablet Diameter Up to 40 mm
Output * 1,74,000 Tablets / Hour for 8mm ammeterer Tablet
Power Supply 0.5 HP, Single Phase, AC