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Code Print Machine

Automatic feeding, nice and quick adjustments, easy controls, accurate registering, uniform impressions, high output 250 Cartons/min.

Use for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Distilleries, Food & Packing Industries
Use for adding special information at the time of actual packing. Use to add price change or special offer to existing Cartons.
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Printing Speed 120, 180 & 250 Cartoms/min.
Carton Size Max - 11" X 6" Min. - 4-1/2" X 2"
Printing Area Max - 3" X 3"
Composing Materials Rubber Stereos
Drive Motor 0.25 H.P., 1440 R.P.M., 3 Phase
Dimensions in mm 1000 x 750 x 465
Weight 100 kg

*Main features of the machine are Automatic feeding, quick & easy adjustment, easy controls, accurate registering, uniform impression and high speed.