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Paste Kettle


• In compliance with cGMP guidelines.
• Also available with Standard Painted Model.
• The Paste Kettle is semi-spherical stainless steel jacked bowl (with glass insulation) having two shaft extensions in opposite direction, which are mounted in pedestrail bearing blocks.

• Foundation can be done with anchor bolts
• On the shaft extension, the perfect manual tilting mechanism provided to collect the product by tilting the bowl.
• Water or suitable liquid is heated inside the paste kettle and after getting proper temperature by the liquid, starch or other binders added to prepare the proper paste & the same is used for further Granulation process equipments like Mass Mixer, RMG, FBD ect.
• Easy mounting & operation arrangement.
• Steam or Electrical heating system can be provided as per end user’s requirement.
• Depending upon requirement, Centered Stirrer can be supplied with necessary worm reduction gear box coupled with electric motor with calculated speed. (OPTIONAL).

• Top Lid (loose type) provided considering safety.
• Inside surface of the Kettle is mirror polished & outside matt/mirror finish.
• Suitable operating panel also supplied with the equipment.
• Available in 50, 100, and 200 Liter capacity of bowl.